Your new Highway 212 and County Road 44 is being Constructed!

The Highway 212 Interchange and County Road 44 Improvements are underway. Led by the City of Chaska, this project includes:

  • The reconstruction and expansion of County Road 44 between the intersection of County Road 61 (Chaska Boulevard) and County Road 11 (Jonathan Carver Parkway).
  • Addition of on- and off-ramps to connect Highway 212 and County Road 44 (Big Woods Blvd)
  • Improvements to the 212 overpass bridge
  • The addition of a pedestrian bridge
  • Current project updates can be found on the project facebook page.

Phase 3 construction begins June 5th. Cascade Dr to Savanna Way will be closed.


Explanation of Phase 2 Detour

Why Cascade Drive is closed and Founders Way is open?

There have been questions regarding the closure of Cascade Drive at Founders Way during this Spring’s construction. There are a few reasons for this closure.

  1. First, the intersection is being reconstructed. Ideally the whole intersection would be closed to expedite construction and reduce the period of closure. However residents living on the Founder’s way side only have access to their homes via this intersection. Therefor access during construction needs to be granted there. Residents living on the Cascade Drive side are still able to access their homes via the Chaska Blvd side. If access was provided to Cascade drive at the intersection it would add more complexity and prolong the construction period.
  2. Second, the Cascade Drive side of the intersection has additional underground infrastructure, making it impractical to maintain access through this location.
  3. Finally, out of consideration for the residents along Cascade Dr, the decision was made to restrict through access to prevent this road being used by traffic to by-pass the CR44 closure.


The City of Chaska has partnered with Carver County and MnDOT to improve Highway 212 and County Road 44 in Chaska. SRF Engineering Consulting is working with the City to implement and oversee construction of the overall project.


The Hwy 212/CR 44 Interchange Project will create a new regional connection to the communities in southwest and downtown Chaska. With the anticipated growth of southwest Chaska, the improvements to Highway 212 and County Rd 44 will ease traffic congestion and provide better safety and mobility for all future users.


Phase 1 work is complete. Phases 2 and 3 will continue through the summer of 2020 and will include work on County Road 44 (Big Woods Blvd) from Savannah Way to County Road 61 (Chaska Blvd).


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